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Aad plays guitar


and bass

Welcome to Aad musician
Hi there, I am Aad, 67 years and have been
able to make music in many bands in my life.
I play bass guitar, guitar, lab steel,
keyboards and I was a lead singer.
I have been active in music for 52 years
I've played in well-known and lesser-known bands,
but always with great pleasure.
Since 2012 I have quit live bands and
i am active in my small home studio.
My music style is progressive rock and i love ballads.
My favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Genesis, Eloy (german rock) Jethro Tull,
King Crimson, Softmachine, Camel, and Emerson Lake & Palmer.
Also a big fan of psychedelic music of the 60's
My website is in Dutch, and is about the bands I played in,
My first CD, and further information about my person.
I hope you can understand my pages a little bit.
 is a good translator if needed.
Thank you all who have visited this website.
Greetings, peace and stay safe...
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